About Us

HBM Edison has set a goal to answer diverse user needs that are spending the majority of their time browsing the internet. From now on your new tab will be much more than just a simple a search bar.

This extension is developed by the dedicated team of a HBM Edison. All rights for the technology, design, and content developed belong to their respective owners.


HBM - Edison, Ltd.

Nordau St 21, Hertsliya, 4658511
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🛍️ Try it out! It's FREE! 🛍️All of your favorite shopping sites in one place!

ShopShop is a lightweight and useful new tab utility for your chrome web browser. it is designed for providing quick and easy access to all of your favorite shopping sites right in the comfort of your web browser. if you like to shop, you'll like ShopShop! It's SAFE and It's FREE. ALWAYS. 

We DO NOT collect any personal information, we will NEVER ASK you for any credit card information.
everything is free, always.